Saratoga County Animal Shelter

Bereavement Services

When it’s time to say goodbye to your beloved pet due to old age or illness, we recommend you make an appointment with your veterinarian so that you may choose to be present at the time of euthanasia. Your pet may also benefit from being in a more familiar environment.

However, because we realize the cost can be an obstacle for many pet owners, the Saratoga County Animal Shelter provides affordable, caring, compassionate euthanasia services performed by trained technicians. (We regret that you will not be able to accompany your pet.)

This is a service that we can provide to Sarat​oga County Residents only. You must schedule an appointment to drop off your pet and we will euthanize promptly; unfortunately owners cannot be present during the process.

We require proof of ownership such as:

  • A rabies vaccination certificate
  • A dog license
  • A bill from your vet showing a description of animal
  • Tags are not sufficient for proof of ownership
  • The person whose name appears on the paperwork must be present to sign the euthanasia paperwork, NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can choose to either take your pet’s remains back or we can cremate your pet for a fee. Cremation is communal; we cannot return ashes to you. (If you are interested in private cremation services, please contact your veterinarian)

The following are the fees for Euthanasia and/or Cremation

1-25 lbs: Euthanasia $15 Cremation $20 total for both $35
26-50 lbs: Euthanasia $20 Cremation $25 total for both $45
51-100 lbs: Euthanasia $25 Cremation $30 total for both $55
Over 100 lbs: Euthanasia $35 Cremation $50 total for both $85

Please call 518-885-4113 to set up an appointment.